Server Version

Our server runs on 1.8.8 Minecraft version, but you can still join upto version 1.16.5!
We currently do not support older version than 1.8.8
Please make sure you are running the latest version of 1.8.8
There are currently no plans to update to a newer version.

SMP Version

Our SMP server runs on 1.18.1, and does not support older nor newer versions of Minecraft for now.
We plan to update the server, to run a newer build that was released in the past year.

How to register

Upon entering our server, you will be asked to register. To do so use /register YourPassword YourPassword
See this video for more info.

How to join an gamemode

Once you have entered our server, you can choose which game to join by using the compass or right-clicking on a NPC in the Hub

What is the party system?

The party system can be used to invite players to your party. Then when you join an gamemode your party members will also join the same gamemode.
/party invite PlayerName - invites a Player to your Party
/party join - Join an Party
/party leave - Leaves the Party you joined

How do I message all online Staff?

Type /a to message all online staff.

How can I vote for WaffleNetwork?

By voting you can get some awesome stuff like Mystery Boxes.
Vote Here

How do I contact you?

You can contact us by visitng the Support Page

How long will it take for my Ticket to be answered?

We currently don't have an expected response time, it will take at max about 3 days

How can i report a Player?

By visitng this Form. Make sure to have all of the required Information to fill out the form!

Where can i join the Discord?

By visting this Discord Link

Do you plan to do any events?

Yes! Any future events will be annouced in our Discord and here too.

How do i Apply for Mod/Media role?

Visit our Apply page