Media Applications

Trovo, YouTube, Twitch and all other streaming platformsL
Be 12+ years of age at the time of applying.
Be mature.
Not have a severe or long punishment history (i.e. Forum bans or numerous recent in-game punishments)
Continue to abide by the network rules.
Have an established channel with a minimum of 20 videos uploaded with statistics enabled.
Have a minimum of 5 videos with good quality and moral standards, recorded on Waffle within the last 3 months.
Have 200 legitimate subscribers on your YouTube channel.
Have a history of reaching a minimum of 50 views per video.
Requirements to maintain the YT rank
The requirements to keep the YT rank are as follows:
You must maintain a minimum of 2 quality Waffle Network videos per month
You must maintain the appropriate content standard
You must maintain a clean punishment history

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Staff Applications

You must meet the standards stated below to be considered for a position on the Staff Team if you lie here your application will be denied and you will receive a 2 Month ban from being able to create another staff application!
You must be 13 years old or older at the time of posting this application.
You must have Discord & Working Microphone.
You must be able to record and upload videos(if you are unsure of how to do this, assistance can be given.)
You must have the ability to screenshot in-game, in discord and be able to upload it to both Discord and
You must be able to contribute at least some of your time per week to the in-game Server and Discord.
You must have logged at least 5 hours in-game (any Waffle network server)
You must have had no severe disciplinary actions taken against you within the last month (31 days)
You must be able to attend an interview if your application is accepted (Verbal Communication required)

The questions listed must be answered without the assistance of another player or Staff Member, do not copy another member's application as this will terminate your application and you will be suspended from making an application for two weeks.
Please try to answer all the questions in as much detail as possible.
If you have any questions about a specific question please ask a member of the staff team (i.e. "I'm not sure how to answer question 2, what is it asking me?" this is a suitable question. "Yo what do I put for question 2" is not a suitable question.)

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Ban Applications

Please fill out the form with the most details possible, as is increases your chances of getting unbanned.

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